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Push and Open Bedside Chest of Drawers Wooden Metal Home Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer China Customized Supplier High End Contemporary Luxury Laminate MDF Rattan Weaved Stainless Steel Frame

Short Description:

Specific Use: Bedroom
General Use: Apartment / Hotel / Villa / Project
Type: Bedroom Furniture
Material:  Wood / Fluted Glass / Stainless Steel
Brand Name: GILLMORE
SKU: 621-216
Collection: Adriana
Package: Standard Export Packing
Main Market: UK/ Europe / North America / Australia/ Japan/ Southeast Asia

Product Detail

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Prodcut Description


A beautiful bedside chest of drawers with bronze/dark chrome metal legs, and white/grey marble drawers. A striking piece for any fan of contemporary design.

Cool, crisp and refreshing Adriana is an exciting new collection of furniture for the contemporary living space.

Fluted glass, rattan weave and perforated steel are just some of the exciting new accent materials which are delicately applied to these classically modern designs. The cabinets come in white and grey textured wood with the stainless-steel frames available in dark chrome and an all-new bronze finish. The ‘mix and match’ opportunities to customise the product colour combinations are as wide ranging as ever making it the perfect show piece range with universal appeal.

The choice of products is wide ranging, from staple space fillers such as media units and coffee tables to the more unusual such as a bureau and drinks cabinet. With the arrival of Adriana working and entertaining at home has never been more glamourous!

Product Details

Type: Bedroom Furniture
Brand: Gillmore
Place of Origin: China
Collection: Adriana
SKU: 621-216
Assembly: Semi-kncok down
Assembly Instructions: Yes
Materials: Wood / Ceramic Marble / Stainless Steel
Finish: Laminate / Synthetic Rattan
Primary Colors: White /Grey / Bronze / Dark Chrome

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 627mm
Depth: 434mm
Height: 607mm
Weight: 27 kgs

Shipping Details

Packing Way: Carton
Packages: 4 cartons
Unit CBM: 0.24
Unit Gross Weight: 31.2 kg
Delivery Way: Sea Freight
Production Lead Time: 50-60 days
Port of Delivery: Shenzhen, China

Payment Options: T/T

Care & Warranty: 1 year

Wood-metal bedroom furniture is a kind of mixed material furniture, which combines the advantages of metal and wood. This kind of furniture has high durability, and its unique surface structure makes it have strong compressive strength, tensile strength and reliable corrosion resistance. The surface of this kind of furniture is clear and shiny, making the space in the home look more flexible and elegant, and more durable. It has a simple appearance, but also has a sense of fashion. Its design is chic and exquisite, which is both decorative and practical.

Contemporary luxury laminated MDF rattan woven stainless steel frame is an exquisite and practical furniture design. It is made of MDF plate and stainless steel frame which have been developed and matured for many years, and has excellent durability and impact resistance. It has the advantages of lightweight, moisture-resistant, durable and multi-function, which can not only meet the structural requirements of modern living space, but also meet the delicate and atmospheric decoration requirements. It is one of the most popular furniture today.

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